the man in balenciaga




there is a man walking down the street wearing only balenciaga briefs. no hat, no shirt, no pants, no shoes, no socks. the all black boxers are made of a synthetic fabric derived from petroleum — this is not new. the elastic waistband tightly hugs the man’s hips. white text is centered on the waistband in stark contrast to the black background, three inches underneath the man’s navel, it reads: BALENCIAGA (/bəˌlɛnsiˈɑːɡə).

the man isn’t in particularly good shape. but he wears BALENCIAGA. the man isn’t particularly attractive. but he wears BALENCIAGA. the undergarment elicits a response no outer garment ever could. he is BALENCIAGA.

$200 for BALENCIAGA boxers. so what. $300 for BALENCIAGA boxers. so what. $400 for BALENCIAGA boxers..


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